Compact outside, spacious inside

Space and versatility

Up to 2.8 m³ of useful volume

The external dimensions are agile and manageable

  • The Fiorino is 3,957 mm long and 1,716 mm wide.

The load compartment is surprisingly spacious

  • 1,523 mm long – up to a maximum of 2,491 mm with the passenger seat folded down – 1,205 mm high and 1,473 mm wide, with a width between the wheel arches of 1,046 mm;
  • volume: from 2.5 m³ to 2.8 m³ with the passenger seat folded down;
  • the front passenger seat can be folded down and retracted – (available as option) 
  • once folded, the backrest becomes a handy resting surface
  • can be folded down to floor level, offering a completely flat load compartment.

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